Friday, 13 April 2012

Spend £20 and get 2 free full size products from Ojon online - ends today

Attention fine-haired readers! You can get a full size Volume Advance shampoo AND conditioner from Ojon with a £20 spend when you enter the promo code VOLUME on their website. The offer ends today (13th April 2012), so if you're interested, don't hang about.

The benefits you can look forward to from Volume Advance are, according to Ojon:
  • lifts hair up, fills it out
  • cleanses and nourishes fine, flat hair
  • provides texture, volume and body
  • detangles and adds softness and shine

The products would normally cost £37.50 (£18 for the shampoo, £19.50 for the conditioner), so you're effectively saving more than you've spent. As if that weren't enough, you also get free shipping. And to tip you over the edge and banish the last of your resistance - every order includes 2 free samples.

As someone with long fine hair that has a tendency to become flat and boring quite quickly, I think I'll be taking advantage of this offer, especially since they take PayPal and I have some funds lurking in my account. My £20 (or £22) spend will be the Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Serum which I'm counting on to help reduce my ever-multiplying split ends.

Get 2 free full size Volume Advance products online from

What do you think? Will you be taking Ojon up on their offer?


  1. I just have taken them up on this offer, having fine but short hair these bottles will last a long time and the cost factor was just too tempting! I normally buy decent hairspray so bought that as I do need some anyway. Great deal, and thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    1. You're welcome! Hope they work well for you and the hairspray is good.


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