Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Quick Pick: Lush Immaculate Eggception Bath Ballistic

If the Easter weekend has left you feeling a little bit too full of chocolatey treats, consider indulging in one of these Lush Immaculate Eggception bath ballistics as a calorie free alternative to the cut-price goodies you'll probably find at Tesco at the moment.

The slightly tenuous name refers to the miniature chick ballistic that's magically found its way inside the outer egg shell.  I didn't really realise it was a chick at first glance - whilst perfect ballistics might look a little more defined, those that have travelled through the post or in a bag home generally have their edges softened a bit.

Still, I can't help but like the concept.  It's kind of like a Kinder egg for grown ups, albeit one which is enjoyable from shell to contents!  These are limited edition, and you'll find them at Lush stores and online, where they'll cost you £7 each - more than a standard bath ballistic, yes, but you do get 3 baths from the one product.

Disclosure: PR sample

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