Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire and Moon Dust Max Colour Effect Minis

I recently spotted this little purply-blue-red duochrome polish in Boots that I thought was kind of sweet. You probably won't have heard of it. It's called Fantasy Fire. (OK, I'm kidding - if you haven't picked up the insane hype over this polish you're probably in a very tiny minority indeed.)

What to say? Well, I don't own the Clarins polish this is allegedly a dupe for, so I can't say whether it's a true dupe or not, but I can tell you that it's very very sheer. This is about 5 coats and it still gave out a distinct "jelly" vibe once dried. So given its scarcity and how small the 5ml bottle is, this may be best layered over a blue creme of a similar hue. (Try Boujois So Laque in Bleu Violet 31 or Boots No 7 Stay Perfect in Violetta.)

In terms of colour shift, the duochrome particles in this travel from teal blue through to warm red via a coppery gold sort of colour. I've tried to capture both above.

At the same time as chancing on and seizing picking up Fantasy Fire, I also bought Moon Dust, which is a greyish purple shimmer with a more subtle duochome thing going on. It's got a shimmer that's made up of small metallic particles, rather than being that pure metallic-type finish that's prone to brushstroke marks. I really like this one too. It's less "wow" than Fantasy Fire, but it's got a sort of glowing multi-hued appeal.

The wear on both of these was really good, with around 5 days wear before chipping. You can find Max Factor Max Colour Effects Mini nail polishes at most branches of Boots and Superdrug, costing £3.99 each.

Have you tried Fantasy Fire or any of its fellow polishes? Do you think it's overhyped, or is your curiosity piqued?

EDIT: Reader Liseyduck has pointed out that Maxfactor is part of P&G, an organisation who conduct animal testing. More here at

Here is P&G's statement on their use of animal testing


  1. Moon Dust looks lovely! I can't recall the name of the blue I've got from this range but there are some awesome shades that are getting overlooked due to FF!

  2. Are you still in principle doing the animal testing disclosure? Because Max Factor are owned by Procter and Gamble, one of the worse offenders...

    1. Thanks LiseyDuck - do you have any further info I can link to from the post?

  3. Here's the page from Uncaged, a UK group - one I tend to trust since I have known many of the people involved, also iirc several of them have backgrounds in science:

    P&G's own page on the subject: I will be truly thrilled if they mean this: "We are committed to continuing our leadership in developing non-animal alternatives, and our goal is to ultimately eliminate all animal research." However I am not holding my breath...


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