Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fresh Brown Sugar fragrance and Sugar Rose Lip Treatment

US fragrance and bodycare brand Fresh are a small but growing presence in the UK. They're a significant player across the States, carried in Sephora and major department stores, and their London store in Marylebone has seeded fanatical fans on this side of the pond too.

Late last year we were sent some items from the Brown Sugar range in a gift set. Although from its name I expected to love the Brown Sugar fragrance, it actually has a strong note of citrus (think brown sugar and lemon on pancakes) that I couldn't get along with. This dissipates into a lovely deep warm caramel-ish scent, with a note of musk that stops it being too gourmand. I love the dry down. But I have a very low tolerance for lemon scents and I was sad not to be able to add Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum in its elegant long-necked bottle to my list of favourite perfumes. I like it, but I don't quite love it.

The same went for the Brown Sugar Body Cream, which is both rich and easily absorbed. Just too much citrus for me. Both products are definitely worth a look if you're into niche fragrance and skincare and like citrus smells however.

Happily, there was a major hit for me in this set, which was the Sugar Rose Lip Treatment. It's a lightly tinted balm in a rosy pink, housed in a metal tube with a matte pale pink finish and a screw cap closure. It's tiny - smaller than a standard balm or lipstick, and it reminds me a bit of Besame's retro lipsticks in its dinkiness. (I later learned that there's actually a large size of the balm as well - but the small one is cuter.) The balm itself uses sugar as a humectant moisturiser, and also contains natural barriers including beeswax, jojoba, castor oil meadowfoam and grapeseed. To cap it all, it's got a SPF of 15. It doesn't taste sugary - in fact it's light enough to be barely noticeable on the lips despite its moisturising powers.

I'm so smitten with this that I've bought another one, ready for when my current tube gives up the ghost.

All these products (and more) can be browsed at the US Fresh website and bought directly or mail ordered via the London store.

*Disclosure - PR sample


  1. I love my rose lip treatment, too. The sugar acai age-delay body cream might be worth trying if you like sweet scents. I've used mine up now :( It was very good for my bumpy uppers arms so I'm going to have to suck it up and find out how much it costs here in the UK :P

    1. Thanks for the tip Kat. I have the arm-bump thing going on too. I'm currently trialling Cowshed's Slender Cow body lotion which includes coconut oil, meant to be good for warding off the little blighters.

  2. I so want the lip treatment - I remember Visionary Beauty did a review and I wanted it then, there was a time when Selfridges carried a small amount but not sure if they do still. Anyway I need to try this out. Thanks for this.


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