Thursday, 19 April 2012

Easy Nail Art with Water Transfers

When Jane posted about Hail the Nails water transfers, calling them out as a quick, easy nail art solution perfect for the inept, I had to rush over to the site and buy some.  You see, I love a bit of nail art, but I'm a bit cack handed, a lot clumsy, and a whole heap of impatient.  These water transfers, though, make the whole thing easy - you simply snip them closely around the design, plop them in a bowl of water, wait for the backing paper to come off, and then position them gently on the nail.  Use a tissue to blot excess water, seal with topcoat, and you're done.

These black lace tips come in a sheet of 20, and cost a mere £1.99.  An absolute bargain.  I've used a single one as an accent nail because I was feeling a) trendy b) lazy (take your pick), over the top of Topshop's rather beautiful Delusion, and it looks great (even if I do say so myself).

There are loads of other designs available, including bows, skulls, and animal prints, with the designs going from those designed for the nail tip, to those designed to cover the whole nail.  You'll find them at the Hail the Nails website, where prices range from £1.99 to £2.25.  Brilliant!

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  1. love this stuff and must get some now!! xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

    I was wondering whether it would be possible to remove the captcha/word verification setting. Google has made them harder lately and it's really hard work to read them, making commenting difficult. If you are concerned about the spammers, you can turn on the 'comments on approval' setting? I meant this the nicest possible way, I love commenting, and silly captcha/word verification is spoiling the joy I have with commenting. xx


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