Friday, 20 April 2012

Diptyque candle in Feu de Bois

When I was a fledgling beauty obsessive way back in the early 00's, I remember coming to London on visits and being mesmerised by the minimalist beauty of the Diptyque candles in Space NK. They were way out of my budget back then, but even though I've since grown in earning power and beauty-obsessed-ness, it's taken me until now to actually purchase my first Diptyque candle.

It was very easy to choose from the wide and tempting range of Diptyque candles available - I'd been coveting Feu de Bois (woodsmoke) for a long time. I've now had it for several weeks and am absolutely loving it still. I just can't believe I waited so long.

Its scent is more aggressive and manly than some other "smokey" candles I've tried, including Space NK's own "Smouldering Embers" and Freres Carrieres' "Titio". It's got a definite "grrrr" vibe to it, possibly from its note of lapsang tea.

Like all Diptyque products it is of course beautifully packaged, in sleek white cardboard with that distinctive calligraphed black font. Inside the box along with the candle is a small booklet titled L'art de la Cire (the art of wax) which describes the brand's history and the painstaking artisan techniques used to make the candles.

All in all, £38 well spent in my opinion, and a satisfactory conclusion to one very long-term lemming.

Diptyque candles 190g are widely available from department stores and boutiques nationwide. I bought mine at Selfridges. You can see the full range and learn more about the brand at Diptyque's UK website


  1. Diptyque candles and perfumes are my favourite. an expensive habit to keep though!

    emma x

  2. They are! I don't have any of the perfumes but I've got L'Eau Duelle on my wishlist. I have heard they fade quite quickly though.

  3. Nasty, over-priced rubbish. The smell is unexceptional.

    The price is ridiculous.

    They are for people who have more money than sense, and an underdeveloped sense of smell.


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