Monday, 9 April 2012

The Cost of DIY

Sorry for the radio silence for the past few days.  To some in the UK, Easter means a four day weekend, some rest and relaxation, and a whole lot of chocolate.  For me, though, it usually means a four day DIY marathon.  This Easter was no exception: our garden now has two hardwood decks where it used to have two concrete slabs.  It looks great, but as you can see above, my hands have really suffered from the hard work (and the large quantity of masonry paint I applied to the outside of the house last weekend).

My hands were so dry they were cracking along my fingers.  I sorted it out with oil - Elemis Monoi Moisture Melt this weekend, applied in abundance and massaged in for about an hour in front of the TV; and plain old coconut oil last weekend, applied in the same manner.  My hands might not be as soft and well groomed as they were (and you'll have to forgive me for the state of them in any upcoming NOTD!) but they're much recovered from the scaly, itchy dry things that they were.

What's your ultimate hand remedy?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. Aveda Hand Relief is my favourite every day hand cream topped up with Elizabeth Ardent 8 Hour Cream when DIY kills them off! The Aveda hand cream is my all time fave as it sinks in well and isn't greasy. I am currently also trying the new Molton Brown anti-ageing hand cream over night, liking it so far. X

  2. my boyfriend is a converter & i swear (he does too) that for heavy duty hand creams you can't go past the Hemp hand cream from The Body Shop. It works wonders for his hands but on mine its a little heavy.
    Hope your hands recover quickly :)


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