Thursday, 15 March 2012

Quick Pick: Superdrug Arora Bath & Shower

Coming to a Superdrug store near you for spring/summer, the Arora range of bath and body products are really delicious.  First off - the packaging.  The bottle for this shower nectar looks much like the curvy, brightly coloured Sephora own brand bath products from when they were still in the UK.  With its interesting curves and bold colours, this is a bottle you'll be proud to display in your shower.

Second, the scents - this is the Pomegranate Passion scent, and wow... I've never used a shower product which has instantly made me hungry before.  The juicy, fruity scent has nothing of the usual saccharine sweetness you can get with artificial fruit scents - it's just bursting with fresh goodness and it makes me crave fruit salad.

As a shower gel, it's pretty standard stuff - nice foaming action, cleans skin, etc.  The biggest selling point is that scent - and with the others in the range including Chocolate Espresso, Sweet Vanilla, Coconut Creme, Wild Berry and Pink Grapefruit, I'll definitely be picking up more of these when they're released in April.

The other bonus? The price.  Each (rather large) product costs a mere £3.99.  Better buy them all, then.


  1. Ooo I want! Love the shape of the bottle for some reason too. :D x

  2. Oooh this sounds fab - do love a bit of superdrug!


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