Wednesday, 28 March 2012

NOTD: Topshop Mermaid

This Topshop polish is described as a multi-tonal metallic shade.  Metallic it certainly is, and it comes with all the usual troubles metallic polishes suffer with - this was brushmark central until it had dried completely and been topped off with a good layer of topcoat.  I struggle to see the multi-tonal, though - whilst the silvery green-blue shade does appear more silver in bright sunlight and more blue-green in shade, it's not a really strong shift.

Either way, it's a really pretty spring/summer colour, and it definitely makes the most of short nails.  Application was okay; the polish has a reasonably smooth and thin texture, but I did find it dragged a little; unsurprising for a metallic shade. You'll find Mermaid at Topshop stores and online, where it costs £6. 

Disclosure: PR sample 

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