Sunday, 25 March 2012

NOTD - Revlon 480 Chic

I picked up this beautiful blue-green-grey sludgefest of a polish from a drugstore while I was in New York recently. I have no idea if it's available in the UK, but my eye was drawn to it instantly among the huge range of Revlon polishes at Duane Reade. (To tell you which Duane Reade would be tough, since they seem to have multiplied exponentially since I was last in NYC and are now on every corner of the metropolis.)

I haven't yet seen Revlon's latest UK teal release, Fashionista, and I did wonder if it was the same shade going by a different name, but as the shade numbers are different (Fashionista is shade 471) I guess not. I'd be interested to see the two bottles side by side to compare.

Chic applied slickly and smoothly over a basecoat and was opaque in 2 coats. The manicure you see here was applied around 5 days before the photo was taken - pretty impressive wear I think, even if there was a layer of Poshe topcoat to protect it.

Teal polishes just never get old for me, and I can see this being one I return to again and again in all seasons.

This cost around $5 (USD).


  1. Ooh, gorgeous 'sludge' colour!! To answer your question - Chic is very different from Fashionista :) Chic is much lighter and more grey-blue, while Fashionista is much darker and more blue-green... hope that helps ;) you definitely need both! I haven't seen Chic in the UK :( xxx

    1. I just bought Chic and you're right, this are very different shades. Don't have Fashionista which one can clearly see is more dark and blue, and Chic is much more light and grey. Does anyone else thinks too that Chic is the nail polish version of MAC's Plumage?? They seem identical

  2. Lovely kind of wintry colour, I don't think I have anything quite like that shade. Pretty good wear time as well. I have a whole heap of Revlon polishes, they release some really fantastic shades!


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