Friday, 30 March 2012

Learning a thing or two with Jemma Kidd

I recently visited Jemma Kidd's makeup school in Ladbroke Grove, West London (you know, THE Jemma Kidd Makeup School - pretty exciting!) to catch up with the latest news from the brand and experience a taste of the masterclass@home service, which offers home makeup lessons.

Jemma's as tall, slim and graceful as you'd expect, as well as being very pleasant and welcoming. Here she is with her lead artist Korben. She started her school by holding professional classes that have now been extended to the public, and has recently expanded further into a nationwide home service, masterclass@home, where you can have a 2 hour makeup lessons in the comfort of your living room from £20 a head.

Korben led a group of us through a  mini makeup lesson. It was focused on creating a flawless base using products from the JK range, including the Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer, a highlighting primer that's definitely worth checking out. Lucky me, I was the model for the demonstration. (No, I have no pictures I am prepared to share!)

I was really impressed by Korben's knowledge and his skill at communicating his expertise to a crowd. He explained how natural hair brushes cling on to product giving gradual application whereas synthetics are better at transporting it to the skin, and gave a practical demonstration of colour theory using a yellow nail polish, a blue cake of creme colour and a red lip gloss. He's an excellent teacher, and makes a great figurehead for the masterclass@home service.

Next, Jemma showed us some pieces from her upcoming spring collection, including a preview of some tempting palettes and glosses.

Jemma explained that she's all about the non-sticky gloss and has even developed her own protocol for avoiding sticky formulas which she calls the "fish test" - this involves smacking lips together repeatedly like a goldfish to check the stickiness of the gloss. Apparently it goes down a storm in the Italian factory where most of her products are made. 

Jemma's newest initiative is a collaboration with eyesight charity Orbis. For each Jemma Kidd product sold, Orbis will receive a donation that will keep a family of 5 safe from preventable diseases like trachoma, which causes blindness when left untreated. The project is called One Product One Vision

She is also developing her own fragrance (which will be called simply Jemma Kidd) and has been experimenting with notes, from florals to woods and musks, in her quest for the perfect scent. 

Disclosure - samples received at the event

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