Sunday, 19 February 2012

Two Weeks On: CND Shellac in Masquerade

Over two weeks ago, I treated my hands to a CND Shellac manicure prior to a trip abroad, to save me the effort of doing my nails whilst away.  My fingernails still look absolutely immaculate, glossy, and chip-free - seriously impressive stuff.  I also find it fascinating to see exactly how much my nails have grown in two weeks.  The polish was applied right up to the cuticle, so the gaps around the cuticle are all fresh growth.  

I had my manicure at the Chelsea branch of the Hand and Foot Spa, which I'll be reviewing in due course.  The CND Shellac add on costs £25 on top of any standard manicure - expensive, yes, but for up to three weeks of maintenance free gorgeous nails, well worth it for special occasions.


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