Friday, 24 February 2012

Review: YSL M7 Oud Absolut

Can I tell you a secret?  The first fragrance I ever fell in love with was Aramis.  As in, the men's fragrance Aramis.  The aromatic, musky, woody scent made me feel warm and enveloped with mysteriousness, and I surreptitiously dabbed it on and enjoyed it.  So, when I read the description of YSL's re-released Oud Absolut fragrance, I couldn't help myself - I had to smell it.

M7 Oud Absolut is, according to the Internets, a reformulation of an old (read: 2002) fragrance named M7, now resurrected from the YSL archives.  I've never smelled the original, so I can't comment on the similarities and differences, but I can comment on the scent enclosed within this slightly 70s, black cuboid bottle.  

At first spritz, this fragrance opens with a fruity freshness from the head note of mandarin orange.  After a few minutes on the skin it tempers down into something much more heady, cut through with a slice of freshness that almost tickles the nose.  The basenotes include myrrh, French labdanum and oud, and this, combined with a middle note of patchouli, means that the overriding sense of the fragrance is of muskiness, woodiness, and smoke.   

I absolutely love it.  It's sexy and mysterious, and my husband has already nabbed it.  It smells fantastic on him, and lasts very well - I can still smell it on him at the end of the day.  His opinion?  "It smells quite nice and the lid is a bit annoying" (due to it's non-symmetrical shape and propensity to not snap on easily).  Typical.  Either way, this is a gorgeously seductive, masculine fragrance - and one I might well borrow from time to time for myself.

Find it at Fragrance Direct, where a 80ml bottle costs around £48.

Disclosure: PR sample

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