Thursday, 16 February 2012

Review & Swatches: Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in 64 Gemma and 66 Gracia

Say hello to my two newest lipsticks, the latest additions to my eye wateringly expensive collection.  These little silver beauties are Guerlain's Rouge G lipsticks, and they have absolutely gorgeous packaging, gorgeous colours, and are all named with ladies names starting with G.  So, you know, I couldn't really avoid buying the one called Gemma, right?  And a friend to keep it company, of course.

First off, packaging.  These are incredibly heavy.  Equivalent of about three normal lipsticks, I reckon.  All that weight comes from the lid - the G-embossed hinge holds down a flappy uppy lid, which pops up as you slide the lipstick out.  The lid contains two excellent quality mirrors, which are ideal for on-the-move application.  Even given the practical nature of the mirror, these lipsticks are definitely built for beauty and style - they're shaped more like curved trinket boxes than lipsticks, and feel utterly luxurious and expensive in the hand.  No surprise, then, that the casing has been designed by a Parisian jeweller.

Left to right: Gemma and Gracia

The formula of these lipsticks is every bit as luxurious as the packaging.  Pigmentation wise, they're not insanely full on - it takes a couple of swipes across the lip to get a opaque coating of colour, allowing you to wear the lipsticks either reasonably sheerly or fully opaque.  The texture is simply gorgeous - buttery smooth, moist but still adhesive, and light as air on the lip.  They remind me very much of the Estee Lauder Pure Colour range, which are around £13 cheaper, but significantly less luxurious.  Wear time is good, at around 4 hours, with the colour feeling comfortable throughout, although I did notice a little bit of uneven fading around the 4 hour mark.

Anyway, on to some swatches.

Gemma, shade 64, is a beautifully cool pink with a lilac undertone.  It's got a tiny bit of shimmer shot through it, but only the tiniest dusting - enough to make the lip look dimensional and pretty, but not enough to push the shade into being frosty.

Gracia, shade 66, is a very wearable plum pink that's still neutral enough to be paired with a stronger eye or cheek.  Again, it has a tiny bit of shimmer shot through it, with a similarly soft and pretty effect.  

So, would I buy more of these?  You bet I would.  These lipsticks scream luxury, and I can't help but feel proud to own such beautiful lipsticks - which is saying something for someone with a lipstick collection as big as mine.  At around £29, they are definitely a high end, treat yourself purchase - but if you're a serious lipstick lover like I am, you'll probably think it's worth it.

Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks are available at Guerlain counters and concessions across the land, and online via Escentual.  What do you think?  Would you?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. Oh wow do these look gorgeous!

  2. So gorgeous, especially the packaging but OUCH at the price.

  3. omg they got lipstick like it, i got the mascara, its awesome!!!!


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