Sunday, 12 February 2012

Review & Swatches: Clarins Gloss Prodige Lip Gloss in Grenadine and Rose

These new lipglosses from Clarins are described as a "new generation gloss", boasting high shine, great wear, and intense colour.  Packaged in slim, elegant, but not mold-breaking tubes, they've been carted around in my lipstick bag for the past week or so, and I'm actually rather impressed.

Grenadine is a bright, pinky coral, and Rose is a soft neutral pink.  The texture of these glosses is described as "gel-like", which is reasonably accurate - they're not quite the thick, sticky type of gloss, nor the super slick emollient kind, but rather somewhere between the two.  There's a tiny trace of stickiness when applied, but it's delivered in combination with a plush moistness which gives a great balance between comfort and wear.  I've found that the gloss lasts around three hours on the lip before the shine diminishes - and whilst Rose disappears entirely from the lip, Grenadine leaves a soft, sparkling coral stain.

Rose is incredibly soft and pretty on the lip, with a milkiness that's really flattering.  I like how it's very definitely pink, but not so pale and baby-pink that it looks overdone.  It goes exceptionally well with a smoky eye, and thanks to the even fading, is very easy to wear - I've been applying this in the morning, and reapplying when it occurs to me to do so, rather than being conscious that I need to maintain the look throughout the day.  Pigmentation wise, this is slightly deceptive - the soft, natural colour may lead you to believe it's quite sheer, but it's densely pigmented enough to disguise the blueness around the edge of my lips.  

Grenadine is a significantly stronger, more vibrant colour, and it's not one I'd usually be drawn to.  It brightens up the face incredibly well, and paired with a bit of mascara and a defined brow, makes for a very quick but still pretty face of makeup that's easy to apply speedily in the morning.  Intensity wise, this is also reasonably pigmented - it's not an opaque look, but definitely stronger than your average sheer gloss.

Overall, I've been very impressed with these glosses, which surprises me a little as I'm usually much more of a lipstick girl.  They're comfortable to wear, stay on the lip for a reasonable amount of time, and are pigmented enough to give even colour.  At £15.50, they're not cheap, but they're definitely not super high end either - definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for a new gloss.

You'll find Clarins' Gloss Prodige lip gloss at Clarins concessions and via their website, where it's available in eight shades from neutral to red.  What do you think?

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. This is really lovely... I especially like the brightest shade :)

    Nic x


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