Friday, 10 February 2012

Nail of the Fortnight: CND Shellac in Masquerade

As you're reading this, I'm in San Francisco on a work related trip, and not worrying at all about the state of my nails, thanks to a CND Shellac manicure.  And look... isn't it so shiny?  And so incredibly perfectly smooth and crisp?  As an incredibly clumsy person who more often than not smudges her freshly applied polish on the way home from a manicure, I'm always incredibly happy to leave a salon with a gel manicure applied - set under UV lights, they're perfectly dry and hardened almost instantly, and thanks to the gel texture, last for up to three weeks on the nail.

I've tried Artistic Colour Gloss before, and liked it very much, so I'm keen to see how this Shellac manicure compares.  It sure is shiny though.  And means that I've taken absolutely no nail related products with me on my trip at all.  Which leaves more room to bring new ones back, of course!


  1. Oooh, that looks lovely! Just wondering - how do you remove the polish?

  2. You have to get it soaked off by the people who put it on - I've heard you can also do it at home with acetone, but I'd far rather have the professionals do it :)

  3. Thanks Gemma - I think I'll give this a go, it looks gorgeous!


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