Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Valentine heart nail wraps from Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass (via JML) has brought out 2 sets of sweet heart-patterened nail wraps in time for Valentine's Day. Costing £5.99 for 24 individual wraps, they're the type you literally peel off and stick on - they don't require heating up before you apply them. There's the red set (above), which I tried out, and a complementing black set. Both include both 24 coloured wraps and 24 clear wraps that you can wear on top of them for extra shine and protection.

I hadn't ever tried nail wraps before, but I found the instructions very clear and managed to adorn all 10 nails (to varying levels of neatness) without wasting any wraps - thumbs up there. There are a range of sizes in the pack, so you can choose the ones to fit your fingers.

I found that the wraps tended to be quite curved at the cuticle end, so they're not suitable if your nailbeds are more straight across. My thumbnails were totally wrongly shaped for the wraps - so much so that I applied them with the flat end along the cuticle and just used my glass file and cuticle nippers to shave/cut off the spare bits of wrap.

Once positioned at the cuticle, the rest of the wrap is smoothed down the nail and you file off the excess using a downward motion. I used my own glass file instead of the included emery board-style file, and I would encourage you to do the same if you have a glass file. The finer grade of "sanding" makes the tips much smoother and less scratchy (although they're still scratchier than ordinary nails with polish).

I had limited success with the long nails on my right hand.

They applied much more easily to my shorter nails on my left hand. With longer nails, I found that I couldn't avoid creasing the wraps and ending up with bumpy, snaggy tips. I applied the wraps to all of my nails, but peeled them back off 7 nails, leaving 3 to undergo an endurance test. I think shorter nails are much better suited to these wraps, partly because your nails aren't sticking out and catching on things.

Here you can see the bumpy tips. Maddening. I'm sure I could practice and get better at application, as this was only a first go.

And the endurance test? The wraps are strongly adhesive, and stay well on the nails. I've been wearing wraps on 3 nails for around 4 days now, without the protective clear wraps on top, and have observed minimal wear and no peeling - here's an "after" pic. They're a little bit faded, but overall I'm very impressed. With clear wraps on top I could see them lasting a week with ease.

To remove them, you can either peel off or use nail polish remover. I'd recommend using nail polish remover, because I found that when I peeled off the failed wraps from my right hand, the surfaces of my nails felt a bit scratched up afterwards.

I will be trying these again - they're quicker and easier than using nail polish, there's zero drying time, they're easy to apply on short nails (and I'm determined to get better at using them on longer nails too), and don't break the bank. Though they're more expensive per application than regular polish, for a special occasion or random treat, they're a good bet.

Buy them from Asda, Boots, Debenhams, or direct from

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