Monday, 2 January 2012

Review & Swatches: Bare Escentuals Cocktail Lipgloss Set

I was lucky enough to receive this cute little lipgloss set from a good friend as a Christmas gift.  As I tend to gravitate towards lipstick over gloss, I don't actually have many glosses in my collection of lip products - so to receive four mini glosses is a real treat.

Kir Royale, Plumtini, Fruit Punch, With A Twist

The glosses are tiny, cute, purse size little things, and come in four pink and berry toned shades.  Kir Royale, Plumtini, and Fruit Punch are reasonably sheer colours, and With A Twist is a more opaque, frosty affair.

The glosses have brush applicators, which I personally really like - it seems much easier to apply lipgloss precisely around the lipline with a brush than it does with a doefoot applicator, to my mind.

Anyhow... swatches!

Kir Royale, Plumtini, Fruit Punch, With A Twist (bright sunlight)

Kir Royale, Plumtini, Fruit Punch, With A Twist (shade)

The glosses are all super shiny, and very comfortable to wear on the lips.  They are the more heavy and sticky variety, which means that they last longer on the lip, but are a definite no-no in windy weather unless your hair is firmly tied back.  I personally prefer this kind of gloss - I can barely be bothered to reapply gloss every hour, so I'm happy to trade better wear for a heavy, sticky texture.

And now, some on-lip swatches.

Kir Royale


Fruit Punch

With A Twist

Lovely.  I'll be using these a lot come spring, or during winter paired with a heavy eye, I can just tell.  If these tickle your fancy, you'll find them at the Bare Escentuals website, where they are currently reduced to just £12.73.

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