Monday, 9 January 2012

Review: Rodial Glamtox Cleanser

Rodial's Glamtox cleanser is described as "formally an a-list cleanser".  I'm not sure how one goes about getting a cleanser formally certified as "a-list", whatever that means, but I'm guessing that this is a veiled way of saying that lots of celebrities supposedly use it.  It's an anti-ageing cleanser, packed full of oils and vitamin C to help nourish and brighten the skin whilst fading age spots and reducing signs of inflammation.

I've been using it for about a month now, and I can't really say that my nearly-30 skin is looking much younger.  I can say, however, that this is an incredibly lovely cleanser to use, largely because of it's texture.  It's a thick, unctuous balm, albeit one that's dispensed by a pump rather than one found in a tub.  A single pump is enough to cleanse the entire face of dirt and makeup, and the silkiness in the balm make it very easy to distribute across the skin and to massage away stubborn eye makeup, including waterproof mascara.  It's also very gentle, and I've suffered no irritation or stinging from using it around my eyes.  Once applied, it can be emulsified with water, turning it into a milky solution which washes easily from the face.

After use, my skin is left feeling soft, clean, and well hydrated - I've noticed absolutely no dryness, tightness, or discomfort after using this product, even when I've had to rub a bit to dissolve particularly heavy eye makeup.  

Overall, then, a very good cleanser - and one I'd recommend if not for the rather terrifying £50 price tag.  In comparison to some other high end cleansers I've reviewed in the past, Glamtox cleanser is around twice the price of Nubo's Velvet Cleansing Cream or the Perricone Super Sweet Clean cleanser I tried and loved a little while back.  As lovely as this stuff is, I truly couldn't justify such a high price for a product that stays on the skin for such a short amount of time - no matter how many incredible ingredients it contains, a wash off cleanser isn't going to transform the condition of the skin on its own, and so for me, this isn't a product I could bring myself to repurchase.

If you're got some cash to splash, and want to try it for yourself, you'll find it at Rodial's website, where £50 will buy you 100ml of cleanser.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. That is very pricey! Im not sure I could justify such a purchase but it does have some lovely properties.

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