Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Review: Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser

Nude is a brand with principles.  Their products are formulated without the usual list of nasties, including silicone, sulphates and mineral oil, and with a high proportion of organic and fair trade ingredients.  Some brands with similar principles create products which are definitely principled, but a bit lacking in performance - but not Nude.  I've tried and loved their Replenishing Night Oil in the past, and was excited to receive a sample of their latest and most high tech moisturiser yet: Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser.

Designed to stimulate cellular repair and renewal, it's unusual in that it doesn't promise a particular percentage decrease in wrinkle depth, or increase in firmness - instead, the product blurb speaks of an increase in cellular renewal and a decrease in irritation.  I'm probably not alone in being unable to assess whether this particular moisturiser has had that kind of affect on my skin, not least because I don't really understand what it means... but still, I'm incredibly impressed by this moisturiser.

The cream itself is deceptively light and fresh, with a medium thick texture which holds its shape on the fingertip but is easy to distribute over the skin.  It's got a lot of slip to it - a small dab smooths easily across the face in a sort of moist, glidey manner, and if I didn't know otherwise, I'd swear that this was a silicone heavy formula (instead, it's actually silicone free).  It sinks into the skin incredibly quickly with a little massage, and leaves the skin feeling moist, silky and smooth, without any oily residue.  The skin texture after use is almost velvety - it's definitely more hydrated, but not shiny at all.

I've been using this little pot of goodness for about a month or so, and I've enjoyed every application.  The ease of use, the moist plumpness of the skin after use, and the definite softening of my frown lines have really impressed me.  My skin is clear, looks well rested and bright, and feels incredibly soft.  I've also been pleased to find that I'm getting through the pot much more slowly than I had expected - I'm about half way through the jar, and expect to find that I've had two months use out of it, before it runs dry.

So, overall, I've been very impressed with this moisturiser - but here's the rub.  It's £78 for 50ml.  This is rather a lot to pay for a moisturiser, albeit one which can be used day or night and makes the skin look and feel lovely.  If I had the cash lying around, I'd definitely repurchase - but unless I was feeling particularly flush, I suspect the high end price might prevent me from doing so.  If this tickles your fancy, you'll find it at Nude's website.

Disclosure: PR sample

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