Monday, 30 January 2012

Review: MeMeMe Dew Pots

Luxury on a budget brand MeMeMe have released Dew Pots, which are already being compared to MAC Paint Pots across the blogosphere.  These pretty little pots of colour are cream eyeshadows which promise great pigmentation and long wear.

Here we have four shades - Woodland Truffle and Deadly Berry on the top row, and Moonlight Mist and Hollow Haze on the bottom row.  Housed in heavy little glass pots, these definitely feel much more expensive than their £7.25 price tag, and they look rather like MAC's Fluidline liners.  

Woodland Truffle, Deadly Berry

Moonlight Mist, Hollow Haze

Swatched, you can see the depth of pigmentation - these were swatched gently with a fingertip, and I found that the creamy, silky texture applies smoothly to the skin, leaving behind a powerful punch of colour.  Deadly Berry and Moonlight Mist have a satiny finish with low level sparkle, with Hollow Haze and Woodland Truffle  having a much more obviously glittery finish.  So very pretty.

Deadly Berry applied.  As you may know, I have the world's oiliest eyelids, and cream eyeshadows really get a damn good testing when applied to my unprimed lids.  I found that the Dew Pots don't really set particularly well on the skin - and opening my eye after application basically meant that the berry tint creased immediately.  I sheered it out with a fingertip until it was the soft, subtle wash shown above - and still, creasing.  With primer, it's a little better, but still - I definitely wouldn't call this great performance or great wear.

If your eyelids are less oily, you might find this stuff adheres better.  Even if they are oily, you might love these pots of colour as gel eyeliner, and I'd certainly wear Hollow Haze as a highlighter on the browbone or on the cheekbones.  For me and my oily lids, though, these don't work as cream shadows, which is such a shame.

If you're interested in trying MeMeMe's Dew Pots for yourself, you'll find them in Superdrug stores and on the MeMeMe website, where each colour will cost you £7.25.

Disclosure: PR samples

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  1. Its a shame these creased as they look great. I may pick one up to just give a try, but I do have quite oily lids. x


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