Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Review - Estee Lauder Cyber Lilac eyeshadow

As Gemma reported last week, Estee Lauder have recently translated their 3-in-1 powder/liquid/gel format into a range of eyeshadows, Cyber Eyes.

I tried out Cyber Lilac. It's a metallic mid-purple with a black-ish plummy base.

Like Cyber Copper, the eyeshadow looks pretty impressive in the pan - it's got a kind of grooved, undulating surface design that catches the light beautifully.

The texture is decidedly solid - it's definitely a powder, unlike the original 3 in 1 gelee textured face powder that came out with the Modern Mercury collection last year. That was kind of squidgy and interesting. However, despite not having the bouncy texture I was expecting, Cyber Lilac is tractable enough and is easy to pick up on fingertip or brush.

It swatches onto the skin in a smooth, light layer that remains evenly translucent unless you build it up. I found it very easy to apply to the eye, and although it wasn't the "wow" effect I was perhaps hoping for, it does earn its place as a good, wearable metallic dark purple. It would make a great crease shade, particularly as it's very easy to blend and build.

Overall I have mixed feelings about it. I was hoping for something virtually a cream shadow, and almost opaque on application and giving a really striking effect. This is possible by building up the shadow and using it wet, but perhaps unreasonably, I think I hoped to be able to get that effect right out of the gate.

Cyber Lilac eyeshadow is £19, available from Estee Lauder online

Disclosure - PR sample


  1. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that from a £20 eyeshadow, to be honest.

  2. I like the colour on your eyes. It looks nice and subtle.


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