Thursday, 5 January 2012

Quick Pick: Melvita Extraordinary Water

This unusual water based product from French organic powerhouse Melvita is quite difficult to describe.  It's probably closest to a toner, in that you use it after cleansing and before applying a moisturiser, but it's not like any toner I've ever used before.  The texture is a light gel format - not overly thick, but still very definitely liquid.  

There are three varieties available - Narcissus, which brightens the skin; Rose, which rejuvenates the skin; and Orange Blosson, which hydrates the skin.  All three contain hyaluronic acid, a popular anti aging ingredient which plumps the skin by providing intense hydration.  All three feel fresh and lightweight on the skin, and whilst they don't impart an immediate and obvious effect on the skin, they do add a quick, light burst of hydration, and help thick or heavy moisturisers smooth evenly across the skin.

In the winter, they're a nice but non essential addition to my skincare regime - but I suspect that these are more of a summer product than a winter one.  I can imagine that applying a few drops from a bottle that's been in the fridge would be intensely refreshing, whilst providing hydration without heaviness.  

Available from Melvita's website in Narcissus, Rose and Orange Blossom varieties, each Extraordinary Water costs £12.


  1. I quite like the sound of these - I love anything narcissus scented - does it smell like the flower at all?

  2. I love these waters...a proper pampering product (i.e you don't really need it but it's such a lovely addition to the routine that it's well worth it!) and they smell beautiful too.


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