Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Quick Pick: Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

Fact: my lips get horribly flaky and dry in the winter time.  I cover them in a variety of balms and creams to keep them well hydrated, but sometimes you just have to scrub off the dead skin to keep them looking and feeling nice.  I recently bought this Sweet Lips scrub from Lush, which is a sugar based scrub with a rather delicious vanilla and chocolate flavour.

The sugar crystals provide a really intense scrubby experience, smoothing the lips effectively with a gentle rub of fingertip to lips.  The oil base isn't very evident towards the top of the pot, and a little bit scooped out is mostly sugar crystals - there's enough oil to leave the lips feeling lightly coated and moist, but not so much that you'd need to remove the excess.

The best thing (or worst thing, depending on your perspective) about this scrub, though, is the taste.  The vanilla and chocolate flavour, combined with the sugar base, make this a literally edible scrub - and one that tastes pretty damn divine, making it difficult to use without licking it off the lips.  All in all, then, this scrub is great for lips - but not so great for healthy eating.  Find it at Lush stores and online, where a 25g pot will cost a reasonable £4.95.

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