Sunday, 22 January 2012

Quick Pick: Kiko Cosmetics Adjustable Colour Blush in Plush Rosy Brown

Purchased at the same time as the three Kiko eyeshadows I wrote about the other day, this Adjustable Colour Blush has been a surprisingly lovely addition to my blush collection.  The pan contains two shades of a softly textured mineral blush, which you can swirl together or apply separately for a variety of effects.

Plush Rosy Brown is a pretty neutral shade, which I probably would describe as a brownish plum - I think it's got a little more berry in it than it has pink or rose.  Regardless, it's certainly a lot softer on the face than in the pan - applied, it gives a natural looking flush which adds definition and warmth to the face without adding a lot of noticeable colour - making it a good partner for a strongly coloured eye or lip.  The blush is medium in terms of pigmentation - and that, combined with the very soft and blendable texture, makes it easily buildable and surprisingly easy to apply bleary eyed in the morning. Which works for me!

Unfortunately this shade is sold out online, but you might get lucky if you pop into the Kiko store at Westfield.  I paid around £6 for mine, and it's now reduced even further to £3.90 - so don't delay if you fancy picking up one of these lovely little blushes!

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