Sunday, 1 January 2012

NOTD: Look Beauty Nail Pop in Kimono

It's a well known fact that we love a good duochrome here at LBR, and Look Beauty's Kimono is a real humdinger.  A gorgeous olive green / khaki / golden bronze one, at that.  I can see why this is being highlighted as a dupe for Chanel's coveted Peridot - it's got that same highly metallic, sparkling finish, albeit a little greener than Peridot.

This is two reasonably thin coats - the polish is a medium-thin textured, easily spreadable affair which virtually applied itself and dried pretty darn quickly.  Like many metallic finish polishes, it wasn't particularly glossy once dry, and seemed to eat the topcoat I applied a little - but with a finish this pretty, I'm not entirely convinced that a high gloss finish is needed.

The wear was excellent - five days with no chips and minimal tipwear before I removed it for a bit of a change.  All in all, impressive stuff for a polish that costs a mere £5.  I'll definitely be investigating more of the shades in the Look Beauty range!  If this colour does it for you, you'll find it at Superdrug (although sadly not online).

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