Thursday, 26 January 2012

Diet Coke + Benefit Get Glam

I once gave up Diet Coke for a good month or so in a bid to get healthy.  It didn't last long, but even if I was off the stuff now, I'd probably be jumping straight back on it - Diet Coke's latest collaboration is with Benefit, with the core offer being £5 off a £20 with every can.  Even more of a reason to buy a new lipgloss, or a tube of the UK's best selling mascara, They're Real.

Alongside the promotion, there are three specially created looks - Rock Chick, Romantic and Fashionista - with videos and step by step tutorials to help you recreate them at home, plus a Facebook app which allows you to kiss photos of your mates.  The big attraction for me, though, is that £5 off!

1 comment:

  1. Ohh very interesting! I've never seen a collab like this before, but I do have a way of being rather unobservant. ;) Hmm...I just may have to participate in this one. Thanks for the heads up! xx


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