Saturday, 14 January 2012

Andy Tauer L'air du desert marocain

Yesterday at work I kept thinking I smelled this very particular fragrance from Andy Tauer, L'air du desert marocain. I knew exactly what it was because I've had a sample of it in my possession for more than a year, and when you spritz on this perfume, it definitely makes its presence felt.

So last night before bed I decided to honour the haunting I'd had all day by wearing the real thing. Two tiny sprays on either wrist and I went to sleep in a cloud of rich spices, ancient church-like incense and the sweet, dry scent of tamarind, cinnamon and other sweet-savoury things. (I don't think all of these are the actual notes by the way, but they're what I get when I wear this).

I've seen mention of a "Tauerade" - a characteristic base that all Tauer fragrances share - on various perfume blogs, and I do think there's a quality to all the scents I've smelled that is instantly recognisable as "Tauer". Something warm, hectic, slightly grubby even, and decidedly sensual.

For me, the remarkable thing about Tauer fragrances are their sheer power. They last and last, and they make such a robust impression on the wearer thanks to their complexity and strength. Andy Tauer is a former chemist, and clearly a natural talent when it comes to combining molecules in extremely powerful ways. He also comes across as someone who takes immense pride in his work, which is reflected in how utterly "itself" each fragrance is. I can't really compare him to any other niche fragrance house I've tried.

Before bed, I also visited the Tauer Perfumes website to find out what the man himself says about L'air du desert marocain, (totally different to what I thought - coriander, cumin, rose, jasmine, cedar, ambergris, vetiver) and while there, I noticed that he's released 3 new scents called "Pentachords" - minimalist creations with just 5 notes apiece. They're colour-themed, and one is called White, one Verdant, and one Amber. I feel a sample spree coming on...

Speaking of samples, I have a Discovery Set*, which includes 5x 1.5ml spray samples along with a descriptive card about each one, housed in a metal tin. On the Tauer website, you can pick your own 5 samples to go into the tin and it costs around 26 euros. However, the site tragically does not ship to the UK, so I include this info for international readers only.

UK buyers can purchase sample vials individually from the 2 online retailers below, at around £5 for 2ml.

L'air du desert marocain costs £87 for 50ml EDT and is available in the UK from, and from Les Senteurs.

*Discovery set received gratis as a PR sample


  1. Sounds (smells) like a fabulous scent. I love strong perfumes and it sounds so different. I'll have to put it on my birthday wish list :)

  2. Deborah, you're back! Great to hear from you. Get a sample of it first and see what you think :)


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