Saturday, 17 December 2011

Review: By Terry Terrybly Lipstick in 202 Fanatic Red

Behold, ladies and gentlemen; the most expensive lipstick I have ever purchased.  At £31 a pop, Rouge Terrybly lipstick is a super-luxe choice for those of us who absolutely adore lipstick.  It's supposed to be anti-aging, extra fine and silky-smoothing (not my words) in texture, and highly pigmented to boot.  When I tried it on recently at an event, the artist compared it to Tom Ford's iconic (and similarly expensive) lipsticks, but naturally said it was better.

First off, some packaging porn.  This lipstick is one of those which come in a little velvet bag, as if it were a piece of fine jewellery as opposed to a mere cosmetic product.  The outer box is a beautiful purple-blue, and as you'd expect, contains many long words and patented ingredients, all of which add to the sense of spending a lot of money for a (hopefully) good reason.  Teasing open the velvet bag, you find a heavyweight, silver casing which is beautifully embossed on the lid.  It has an incredibly satisfying magnetic click closure - you know, the kind you sit and play with for a good ten minutes, open-close-open-close-open-close.  Or maybe that's just me.

Speaking of embossing, the lipstick itself is also embossed - it bears the Terrybly moniker.  This is as good a time as any to segue from the lipstick itself to a bit of confusion over the whole Terrybly sub-brand.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why Terry has decided to apply a play on the word "terribly" to a line of high end cosmetics.  Granted, one could assume that it's because they are so terribly, terribly luxurious - but you could also maybe say that they are terribly expensive, wear terribly, or smell terribly strongly of rose.

Applied, this beautiful blue based red looks fabulous (and makes my teeth look whiter!).  It's worth pointing out that I applied it straight from the tube, onto lips which were a little bit dry and tight, and they still look lush.  This is a single pass over the lips, which gives you some idea of how intense the pigment is in this lipstick.  I love the semi matte finish - it looks sophisticated but not at all dry.

The texture is also fantastic - whilst the lipstick applies very smoothly, gliding onto the lips in a way you'd expect from a balm like product, it sets fast within thirty seconds or so, and leaves a weightless, comfortable finish.  It doesn't last quite as long as some of the luxe red lipsticks I've bought in the past, weighing in at around 3 hours, and it does dry the lips out towards the end of the wear time.  I also noticed a bit of uneven wear going on.

So, is this lipstick worth £31?  Well... for a confirmed lipstick addict like me, the answer is pretty much a yes.  It's luxurious, the colour (while not entirely original) is fabulous, and the texture is to die for.  If the wear was as impressive as it's other attributes, I'd be rushing out to buy more.  If you'd like to try out one of these for yourself, you'll find them at SpaceNK, both in store and online.


  1. Gorgeous colour and gorgeous packaging. I'm just not 100% convinced there isn't a cheaper similar shade out there but I'm still in total lipstick lust! x

  2. Could you recommend your next favourite classic red in the 'luxe' category? i've always been a Chanel fan but am thinking about investing in maybe a tom Ford, or a Guerlain - what do you think? PS Am currently in the depths of flu hell so any 'get well' products or tips gratefully received!

  3. That looks utterly fabulous on you! It's such a lovely finish and colour. I'm (terrybly) smitten :D

  4. Mary: have a look at Tom Ford Cherry Lush if you fancy a luxe red. It's gorgeous:

  5. Thank you for the tip Gemma! I am in dire need of cheering up after a nasty bout of flu, and really need something pretty and fabulous to give me a lift - will be trotting off to Selfridges as soon as I am well again to play with Mr Ford!


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