Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Quick Pick: Superdrug Away With The Fairies Dry Shampoo

When I recently ran out of that most classic of dry shampoos, Batiste, I vaguely remembered seeing a Superdrug own-brand offering in a recent goody bag.  I dug it out, and I've been hooked ever since - this stuff is much better than Batiste, in my mind.  The reason for this lies in the scent - I can't abide the smell of Batiste, not least because it's rather strong, and I can smell it on my hair all day even if I'm wearing a pungent perfume.

Superdrug's Away With The Fairies dry shampoo has a much softer, more subtle scent, which doesn't overpower my perfume and which doesn't announce to the world that I'm avoiding washing my hair for just one more day.  Add to this a good strong spray action, and a finish that's not so white you have to spent minutes working it into the hair, and you get a truly excellent dry shampoo.  One which I've already repurchased, in fact - and given it's tiny £1.75 price tag, one which promises to be a key part of my beauty regime into the future.

You'll find Superdrug's Away With The Fairies dry shampoo in store and online, where a 150ml can will cost you a very reasonable £1.75.

Disclosure: PR sample

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