Saturday, 10 December 2011

Quick Pick: Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil

I adore a good oil cleanse.  I'm a firm fan of Shu Uemura's classic cleansing oil, particularly in the light Fresh variety, so I was keen to test out Origins' cleansing oil, Clean Energy.  Designed to remove dirt, makeup and pollutants whilst preserving the skin's moisture levels, this oil is a little thicker and more, well, oily than others I've tried.

One thing I really like about this oil is the scent.  It's light, fresh, and citrus-y, no doubt down to some of the essential oils used to create it.  Comparatively, it's one of the best smelling oil cleansers I've ever used - the Shu ones are a little bit perfume-y, and the Muji one I've tried was clearly unperfumed and didn't really have a scent at all.

A small puddle of oil is plenty to effectively remove all makeup and dirt from the face - no second cleanse required.  It spreads easily over the face, and remains slippy and silky until you add water, which makes it pretty useful for a spot of facial massage whilst you cleanse, if you go in for that sort of thing.  It does emulsify with water, going more milky than brightly white as I've noticed with some oils.  It's also incredibly easy to rinse clean - a splash of water and the skin is left looking and feeling clean and soft.

Overall, I've really been enjoying this cleansing oil, and I definitely feel that it's a better option for the colder months than my usual Shu favourite, as it really does leave the skin feeling moist as well as clean.  The only thing that prevents me from giving an all out recommendation for this product is the packaging.  It's crap.  Underneath that curvy cap, you'll find an open neck on the bottle - no pump, and no filter top, just an opening around the size of a penny.  This pretty much guarantees that product gets wasted - I always tip too much out of the bottle.  Add in a pump or even a squirty-filter thing, and I'll be more convinced.

If you'd like to try Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil, you'll find it at the Origins website, or at Boots online, where 200ml will cost you £17.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. It comes with a pump! :)

    The PR and the sales assistants are clearly forgetting to include it... Shame.

  2. It doesn't come with the pump, you buy it separately, it's £1 I think xx

  3. I've used the Shu cleansing oils and this one too...and I agree this does feel slightly thicker...I have this cleansing oil with a pump which makes it much easier to use x


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