Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Quick Pick: Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Serum

The instructions for Ojon's Damage Reverse hair serum say to warm two drops in your palms, then run through the hair.  Pah, I thought.  My thick, dry, curly hair requires far more than two paltry drops.  Pah.  And then of course I totally overdid it and ended up with overloaded, oily hair.  More fool me.

You really don't need more than four drops of this wonderfully rich elixir.  Warmed in the palms, it's silky and smooth, and two to four drops gives you just enough to add moisture and smooth mid lengths and ends.  I often run the leftovers on my palms on top of my head to smooth down any wayward frizzies.  

I've not noticed a huge difference in the condition of my hair since I started using this product, but it has become an essential for adding smoothness and shine, particularly pre-blowdry or when my hair has air-dried naturally.  It also smells fantastic - warm and spicy, very winter appropriate.  

At £22, this isn't a cheap product - but given that you need so very little of it, I can't imagine you'll find the 50ml bottle running down anytime soon.  The shiny smooth finish it gives is well worth the expense.  At the moment, there's a Winter Rescue gift set available at the Ojon website which gives you the hair serum (full size!) plus a little shampoo and conditioner for just £22, so you effectively get the shampoo and conditioner free, compared to buying the full size serum.  Assuming you even need an excuse...

Disclosure: PR sample

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