Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mulled wine in the shower: Lush Glogg

I've recently been enjoying this seasonally-scented new shower gel from Lush, which I picked up on a whim while visiting Brighton with my mum about a month back. I have a soft spot for Lush shower gels and always like to at least buy a 100g bottle of their limited editions and new releases to see what's what.

Glogg has a spicy, cinnamon-and-cloves smell that does a very good impression of mulled wine (or Gluwein if you're in Europe). It's not subtle - a shower with this will fill the bathroom with Christmas Market vibes and linger on the skin for at least an hour after drying off. The gel is a cheery bright red in colour and like most Lush shower gels it's quite runny, so beware if you're squirting it enthusiastically into your palm. It's very foamy (Lush haven't yet given up on SLS as a lathering agent) and leaves my skin very clean and smooth.

I like it a lot and will happily use up my little bottle. Whether I'll go back for a larger one before the festive season is out, though, I'm not sure - I can imagine it becoming a bit much, especially if it lasted through til the weather warms up. It's a Christmassy treat, though, that is likely to go down well with anyone who likes mulled wine and hot showers (i.e. basically everyone).

Glogg shower gel from Lush is £3.90 for 100g, £7.75 for 250g, and £12.95 for 500g.


  1. I just picked up Snow Fairy, and I'm thinking about Glogg. Every year I hear about them, but whne I go in store, it's always sold out!

  2. This is absolutely my favourite! I like Snow Fairy but it makes my hands really dry and my nails feel funny (is this just me?) but Glogg is lovely!


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