Friday, 2 December 2011

Clarins Christmas 2011 collection - review and swatches

Clarins have released a small but perfectly formed collection for Christmas 2011, called Passion. Its outstanding feature is the Passion face palette, a weighty gold-toned metal compact with an embossed Art Deco-style cover.

There's also an eyeshadow palette, which follows the form of the existing Mineral quartets in the Clarins line-up, and a Rouge Prodige lipstick in Passion Rose, a kind of shimmery plum tint.

Taking a closer look at the Passion palette (£35)...

To borrow a blokey turn of phrase, it's a superb bit of kit. Well-made and solid, with a full metal construction and a secure magnetic closure. The design on the cover is echoed by a textured finish on the surface of the powder, which is covered with a gold overspray.

I had to egg myself on to do it, but once I'd taken a brush to that immaculate surface I quickly found out that the overspray is very shallow, and gives way to a translucent and basically matte finish powder, which I think is actually much more practical than the gold shimmer it seems to be at first glance.

If you're hoping for a highlighter though, do take note that despite outward appearances, the Passion palette is not of the shimmery persuasion.

Another small drawback is that this palette is a rabid collector of fingerprints. It doesn't bother me at all - I quite like being able to polish it back to perfection. But if you don't like fingerprints, again, take note.

The Smokey Passion eye palette (£30) is also lovely, and the packaging oozes class, although it feels virtually feather-light in the hand after the Passion palette.

The colours are superb for a neutral smokey eye, particularly the taupe in the lower right. The black has some very fine gold glitter in it, but the true bling is the silver cream eyeshadow, which is virtually sheer but packed with gold and silver sparkle. There's also a shimmery russet brown, which is a handy alternate for the taupe if you're warm-toned.

The colours are fairly sheer - you can apply them with a free hand and still get a pretty wash rather than a hot mess, which means they're good for those who aren't confident with application, or prefer to be able to wear colour on the eye subtly. They also build for when you want something more striking.

Finally the Rouge Prodige lipstick in Passion Pink (£17) - a bit of a misnomer, as it's actually a warm plummy brown . Despite the waxy, thick Rouge Prodige texture, it's sheer and light, and lends a very wearable glossy tint to the lips. It goes very well with the eye palette, especially if you use the black to create a more dramatic eye.

Here's an FOTD using the complete collection.

The Passion collection is online now at

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  1. That is the best review of this collection that I have read anywhere on the web.

  2. I like the bronze smokey eye. Very Christmassy

  3. The whole look on you is really pretty, I'm very drawn to the eye palette and lipstick, thanks for the review :)

  4. Thanks everyone.

    @Replica I'm not sure, but I think the lipstick might be LE, so pounce now!


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