Friday, 9 December 2011

5 of the best: dingy, grungy green nail polishes

Here are some of my favourite grungy greens, from dark olive to pale sage. I actually thought these were similar and in some cases identical in colour when I thought of them separately - it was only when I got them all out in a row that I realised how very different they are (and how it's quite justifiable to own all of them.)

A smooth 3-coater with a rich olive/army green hue. The brush isn't the greatest. Not a colour I've seen done by many other brands, although Me Me Me have a good dupe called Proud.

Index finger: Illamasqua Hectic £13.50
I've got a bad feeling Illamasqua are going to discontinue this stunning bright olive green creme - it's been in their last couple of sales and is currently "waiting list" status on their site. I really hope they don't, because it's a perfect example of an army green polish. Anyway, if you see it, grab it, it's great! (My bottle has some annoying sticky label residue on it)

Middle finger: Me Me Me Long Lasting Gloss in Distinctive (£4.50)
This is a warm, dusty khaki that performs much better than its drugstore price might suggest. It goes on very smoothly and is opaque in a couple of strokes. The brush is flat and has a curved edge that makes application easy.

Ring finger: OPI Stranger Tides* (various prices around the web, but currently £6.99 on BeautyBay)
I've blogged before about this surprisingly elegant grungy pastel green from OPI. Several months on, it's still a favourite, both for its colour and its excellent wear.

Little finger: Bourjois 10 Days No Chips shade 23 (£5.99)*
A beautiful glossy khaki shade that is richly opaque without being thick or dragging during application. The brush has a slanted tip to help with touching up (to achieve the advertised 10 days' wear). The lid of the bottle co-ordinates with the shade and opens and closes with a satisfying "click".

Do you like grungy green nail shades? Any that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

*Starred products are PR samples

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