Monday, 7 November 2011

Review: Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick in Red My Lips

As we recently reported, cult high street brand Soap and Glory have added cosmetics to their quirky, cute line of skincare and body products.  I've been trying a few products from the new line, and first up for inspection is this gloriously named lipstick - Super Colour Fabulipstick.  You can always rely on S&G for a great name.

According to the blurb, this lipstick contains peptides and hyaluronic acid and boosts collagen.  It promises a dewy, soft, smooth, plump, colour filled pout.  That's a pretty long list of promises right there - and really, any good lipstick should provide all of the above.  The first thing that strikes me about it isn't the texture, the colour payoff, or the plumping abilities.  It's the scent.  If you were a teenager in the 90s, you might remember a Boots Natural Collection vanilla stick lip balm, which (at my school at least) was an essential in any teenager's makeup bag pencil case.  It smelled of vanilla, yes, but in a soft, subtle, creamy way - sweet but not synthetic, and with a heavy dose of something milky in the mix.  This lipstick smells exactly like that lip balm, as far as I remember it.  Which wins it a place in my heart already.

Anyway, on to the lipstick itself, rather than its scent.

It's proudly embossed with the Soap and Glory logo, and this little detail makes it feel all the more expensive. Add to that a solid, medium weight casing, and a decidedly satisfying click-close action, and you end up with a lipstick that feels much more high end than its £9 price point.  The texture is just as lovely - silky to apply, well pigmented, with a lovely sheen to the finish, this is a corker of a lipstick.

It lasts for around three to four hours on the lip, fading evenly to a soft tint with no dreaded ring around the outline of the lips.  It also remains reasonably comfortable throughout the wear time.

My only criticism is around the shade - it's called Red My Lips, and whilst it is reddish, it's not really the kind of red I'd expect from a line which leans so heavily on retro and vintage images for its branding.  Of the three shades launched with the cosmetics line, this is the strongest colour - and I can't help but think that S&G missed a trick by not launching with a killer retro red.  We're told that more shades are coming up, and given that all three current shades are neutrals, I'm hoping we'll be seeing more strong and bright colours.

Overall - an impressive lipstick, particularly for the very reasonable £9 price point, and well worth a look next time you're in store at Boots, or browsing their website.


  1. I know what you mean about the colour. It's lovely but it isn't exactly red, is it? I'm definitely going to pick some of the Soap and Glory stuf up once they are on 3 for 2.

  2. i love the color - okay, it is a brownish red not a red red. but it looks fantastic. i want one!
    unhappy susanne from germany because we do not have these lipsticks over here... :(

  3. Lovely colour and quite reasonable price!


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