Thursday, 3 November 2011

Review: Rodial Life & Style Bathing Balm in Lounge

Rodial, purveyors of all things controversially named and age tackling, have recently added a line of more traditional bath and body products and candles to cover the Christmas gift market.  The range, which encompasses bathing balms, body souffles and candles, comes in three fragrance lines - Socialite, Lounge, and Rehab - all designed to work with different moods. 

I've been trying out the Bathing Balm in Lounge recently, and as a confirmed bath lover I'm in two minds about whether I love this product, or whether it's a bit meh.  Lounge is a relaxing, sweet scent built up on vanilla and honeycomb, bursting with warmth and comfort - and I absolutely love it.  At the end of a long day, it's a very warm, comforting fragrance which I find incredibly relaxing.  It's not too sweet - it's tempered by a slightly powdery scent on the nose, not unlike that ethereal undertone you can smell in Laura Mercier bath products.  

So, fragrance aside, how does it perform as a bath product?  Despite being called "bathing balm", it's actually a bath and shower product, so you can use it for washing and for creating bubbles in the bath.  Unfortunately, added to a running bath, the foam produced is relatively minimal, and doesn't really last a particularly long time.  The product itself is thick and rich, and makes a lovely shower gel that bursts into a lush, creamy lather, but I really question the packaging for this kind of use - sticking your (wet) fingers into a tub of product generally leads to wastage, spillage, and dilution within the tub.

This is really the reason I can't give this product a wholehearted endorsement - as much as I love the scent, the product itself is a little bit underpowered, particularly for the high price of £35 a tub.  If you buy bath products more for the scent than for the packaging or the effects, you might love this product more than I do. For me, I'd rather try this in candle or body lotion form, to get more of the scent and less of the not so wonderful bathing balm.

You'll find the Life & Style range at Rodial's website.  The range starts from £35, and includes bathing balms, body souffles, candles and gift sets in the three fragrances.

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  1. great review, I'd fancied this and it sounds divine but think I'll think about buying a body cream/lotion or a candle. x


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