Monday, 21 November 2011

New Love: By Terry Sheer Expert Foundation

By Terry is a brand synonymous with opulence, for me.  This foundation, Sheer Expert, hammers the luxury home - a 35ml tube costs a staggering £44.  At a recent event, I was told that this makes it an affordable foundation, since most of By Terry's foundations are around £60.  Gulp.

Anyway - Sheer Expert comes in twelve shades, and promises the usual gamut of skin smoothing, age blurring, flawless finish goodness you'd expect from a high end foundation.  And boy, does it deliver - assuming your underlying skin is in reasonably good nick, this sheer foundation delivers flawless looking skin with a natural, lit-from-within finish.

Above, I've applied it alone over clean skin - and I think my skin looks pretty darn good.  Even and glowy with a semi matte finish, this foundation really looks like my skin, but better.  The texture is very silky, and feels very similar to one of my other favourite sheers, Armani Face Fabric.  The By Terry product feels far more refined, however, spreading incredibly easily on the skin and giving a gorgeous glow as opposed to a natural matte powder finish.

Now, aside from the rather scary price, I have one problem with this foundation.  Like many By Terry products, it's strongly scented with a heady rose aroma.  Personally, I like it - but I suspect that some would rather have a foundation without a strong scent, whether it's all natural or not.

Anyway - I'm a bit bowled over by the finish of this foundation, and although it is insanely expensive, the radiant finish is worth the extra cash if you've got the capacity to spend it.  I suspect it'll take me a long while to get to the bottom of my tube, as you need so little of it to cover the entire face, but when I do, I reckon I might end up repurchasing.

Sheer Expert foundation is available from SpaceNK, where it will cost you £44.  Given the high price, I'd highly recommend popping into SpaceNK to try it out before you buy.  If you like the sound of this, but prefer more coverage, there'a a sister product called Cover Expert which promises much the same as Sheer Expert.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. Nooo nooo nooo, why is everyone raving about this these days when it's so expensive! (but, for real, less expensive than most By Terry products!)

  2. I think, unfortunately, that the price is actually quite justified with this one! It's gorgeous. Well worth the investment if you have the cash to spend, imo!

  3. Hi there,
    Would you mind telling me what shade you got and what's your skin tone?

  4. I have shade 2, which is an excellent match. I'm a neutral to cool colouring - you'll find that the range contains shades to match both warm and cool complexions!

  5. Thank you so much for getting back to me. See, I was sure your skin was warm toned. I also thought that shade 2 was warm. Very frustrating. It seems shade 4 is the lightest warm tone then? Could that be right?

  6. I think I'm cool toned, and have been told the same by makeup artists in the past, but you never know! The best way to find your perfect shade is probably to pop into a SpaceNK, I think.

  7. Unfortunately I don't have a Space NK here (I'm in Denmark) so I'll have to buy unseen.
    I think the #2 is supposed to be a neutral tone so maybe it can be used by both warm and cool as long as the pink/yellow isn't too pronounced.
    Anyway, the #4 is definitely too dark for me o I shall try the #2.
    Again, thank you so much :)

  8. I got it! In shade #2 and it certainly does deliver. It's flawless and I'm in love :)
    Thanks again.

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