Friday, 4 November 2011

New lip balm love: Blistex Lip Massage

It's getting towards that time of the year when I purchase my failsafe lip balm for cold weather, Blistex Intensive Moisturiser, which despite its tiny price, is the best thing I've found for fixing chapped lips. I noticed that Blistex was on a multi-buy offer at my local Superdrug, so I thought I'd take a gamble on a different product from the range too, and chose Lip Massage because of its distinctive applicator.

It's a twist-up tube containing a translucent, semi-liquid balm that squeezes out from a hole in the centre of the applicator, a rubbery slanted surface was squiggly lines embossed on it. The idea is that while the balm nurtures your lips, the applicator massages and gently exfoliates away rough patches as you apply. It's perfect for eliminating those flaky bits of skin that can stick around when lips have been very dry.

The balm is soft and non-sticky, and has a pleasant and subtle citrus-ish sweet taste. The formula contains Shea butter, aloe vera and squalane, which I have just googled and which turns out to be a naturally-derived hydrocarbon that's one of the constituents of human sebum, so it makes sense that it would be good for the lips.

The sensation of applying it is quite unusual. It's not a very powerful exfoliation, more, as the name suggests, a massaging action. It's fun, and I can imagine it being quite effective too, although as my lips are in pretty good condition at the moment I can't report fully on how well it deals with dry patches. 

I'll be using this alongside my Intensive Moisturiser and Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturiser when the wind-chill factor starts picking up this winter.

You can find Blistex Lip Balm in Superdrug, and probably in other chemists too. It costs around £2.


  1. I have this one! I don't use the little massage bit though, especially if you use it after you've already applied the balm it gets all horrible and gunky. I just put the balm on a finger and spread it on my lips! It's good for healing. When my lips are in good condition, I usually go for something a little more moisturising though.

  2. This is interesting ! Will definitely check it out in Boots !


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