Sunday, 6 November 2011

Magnetic nails from Fashionista and The Saturdays

I've been absolutely scouring the capital's larger branches of Boots in search of the new 17 Magnetized nail polishes over the last week or two, but they've been nigh on impossible to track down anywhere in London.

I spotted these alternative magnetic polishes in Superdrug, where they've been released by new budget brand Fashionista in collaboration with girl-band The Saturdays.

There are 5 shades, each one attributed to a member of the band. I picked out All Fired Up Red (Rochelle), because I knew there wasn't a red in the 17 range of shades. The Fashionista shades cost £6 each, which is a saving on the Nails Inc magnetic polishes which are £13. However, you have to buy the magnetic cap separately, which means the total adds up to £9 per polish. (17's versions have the magnet included in the price.)

At this point I have to be completely honest and point out the elephant in the room when it comes to these magnetic polishes that are being released by various companies. They are very, very obviously from the exact same manufacturer. The bottles are identical. You can even swap the magnetic caps between them and they fit perfectly. There's no reason the price should be different, as there's no difference in the products apart from the brand's choice of colours and the outer packaging they decide on.

See what I mean?

That said, I'm not sorry I spent an extra £3 on the Fashionista red version (even though due to Sod's Law I tracked down some 17 versions in Oxford St Boots the same day, as you can see from the comparison pics above). It's more subtle than the silver, green, purple and blue 17 polishes, but I do really like it.

What do you think?

Fashionista The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Lacquer is £6 from Superdrug. The magnet is sold separately at £3.


  1. I totally agree with you on the same manufacturer point, because it's clearly true. I'll be buying the 17 ones, then (even though this red is pretty nice) as I don't feel ripped off paying £6 for a polish that has the magnetic cap included.

  2. There's loads of 17 ones here in Liverpool if you need someone to send them to you. The blue one wasn't very good on me but the green and purple looked amazing!

  3. Whoops, should have read the whole post :P

  4. How ridiculous that you have to buy the magnet separately! That's taking the piss in my opinion >:( Still it's a gorgeous colour.

  5. Where I can get The Saturday's ones in London Center! Im from Spain and I want to buy them in January In my travel to London! xxxxx


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