Thursday, 13 October 2011

Shu Uemura Custom Eyeshadow Palettes & Swatches in P Dark Blue 696 & IR Light Purple 715

I recently had 20 minutes to kill in Covent Garden, and happened to be near the fantastic Shu Uemura boutique.  This usually spells trouble for my wallet - and luckily this time I managed to restrict myself to two eyeshadows, rather than the whole heap o'gorgeous I'm usually tempted by.  Anyway - I wandered in vaguely thinking that I wanted an iridescent golden beige to make me look a little more awake in the mornings.  After some consultation with one of the excellent makeup artists, I ended up walking away with a pale, shimmering lilac, which I was assured would bring out the green in my eyes, and brighten my complexion more effectively than a beige.  Which, as it turned out, was absolutely bang on. 

Having purchased the lilac, and a sparkling navy to go with it (I can never buy a single eyeshadow... it'd be lonely), I ended up being given a little demo of the new Shu Uemura custom palette system.  All their shadows will now be sold in single refill style, and customers will need to buy the casing separately if desired.  There are options for one, two, or four shadows available.

The custom palettes are so well designed - you simply pop the end cap off, slide the eyeshadow in, and pop the cap back on.  There's no need for glue, and once inside the palette, the shadows are held securely - and you can remove them, rearrange them, whatever, without risk of damaging the shadows themselves.  I was told that this new, shiny packaging was designed by an architect.

The sleek, clean looking packaging is pretty durable, and attractive to look at to boot.  It's not particularly hard to remove the end cap, but it's not so easy that it'd fall off by itself.  Glorious.

Finally, some swatches of the eyeshadows I bought - P Dark Blue 696 and IR Light Purple 715.  The deep blue is a flat navy with blue microglitter, and makes for a lovely powder liner as well as being a nice crease shade.  I was slightly surprised at it's softness, though - this isn't an inky, deeply pigmented shadow, and I had to swatch twice to get the intensity of colour shown here.  The shimmering lilac is much more immediately pigmented, and has a gorgeous shimmer and shine which really brightens my eye area, whilst flattering the green in my eyes.  Lovely.

Shu Uemura single eyeshadows cost £11 each in refill format, with the custom palettes starting at £4 for a single or duo case.  I think that the single shadows used to cost £18 - if so, you can get a significant saving by buying the refill sizes and popping them into these ingenious little palettes.  Hopefully I won't find myself with any more time to waste in Covent Garden any time soon!

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