Monday, 17 October 2011

Review & Swatches: Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolour in Frost, Vapor and Rose Gold

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolours are a pretty self describing product.  The mineral based pigments are packed into these little tubes, and promise a high sheen, high pigment eyeshadow experience.

Even in the tube, you can see the bright, metallic sheen that these colours have when the light hits them full on.  

Left to right: Frost, Vapor, Rose Gold

And swatched, you get the full effect.  Dabbed on directly from the applicator included in the tube, the colours don't skimp on their promises - they're very shiny, very metallic, and very pigmented indeed.  If you look closely at the edges of these swatches, though, you might be able to spot the reason why I'm not going to give these gorgeous little tubes a full-on rave review.

The applicator, included in the lid of the tube, is a spongy wand.  It comes with a spring action, which keeps the spongy wand pressed down into the product when inserted - and when you twist the lid and start to remove the wand, you can feel it springing out.  The problem, though, is that the spongy bit gets incredibly saturated with colour.  If you don't tap or wipe the access off the sponge, you'll get a huge amount of fall out when you apply the shadow to your eyes.  The first two times I used the product, I ended up with huge circles of colour smudged under my eyes thanks to the fall out.  

Applied to the eyes, this is undoubtedly a high impact product.  I just love the creamy, shiny metallic finish, and the Vapor shade seems to pull a little bit blue on me, making my eyes stand out.  For this kind of effect, I'm happy to apply my eyeshadow before I apply my foundation, so I can cleanup any fall out with a dab of makeup remover... I just won't be trying to apply it unless I have plenty of time for careful application and careful cleanup.

If you love a high shine, metallic look, then you might well love this product - particularly if you're happy to put up with a slightly more involved application process.  You'll find these three shades, along with nine more, at the Bare Minerals website, where they'll cost you £15 each.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. great color! it really suits your eye color and complexion

  2. Very pretty and it looks stunning on you!

  3. Wow! This looks great. Vapor reminds me of a shadow I was obsessed with as a teenager, I believe I've hit pan on it so I'll definitely consider this as a replacement!


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