Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Review: Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

I love heated rollers.  They give fabulous volume, beautiful curls, and add shine - and best of all, I've always found that I don't need to be massively disciplined in how well I section my hair when I put them in to get great results.  The new Enrapture collection of styling tools contains a set of heated rollers - and they're a little bit special.

The case contains 20 rollers - ten large, and ten medium.  I like that the rollers are all reasonably large - I have a set of Babyliss rollers which contain small rollers as well as big fat ones, and have found that I rarely use the smallest ones unless I want my hair to look like a barrister's wig (which isn't very often at all).  These sizes are much more suited to creating soft curls or waves and plenty of volume.

The rollers themselves are slotted - they heat via the case, where they sit on metal rods which fit neatly inside the slot.  The texture of the inner part of the roller is quite grippy, too - once the hair has been initially smoothed onto the roller, it adheres well, making escaping ends much less of a problem.  The clips are designed to be left on the rollers whilst they heat - so when you roll the hair and clamp the roller in place, the heat is coming not only from the roller inside the hair, but from the clip holding the hair to the roller.  This is a very clever idea - it ensures that the hair gets the maximum heat whilst rolled.

My rolling technique is pretty haphazard - I start with the top (along the middle towards the crown), and then cover the sides (bottom up) and the back.  You can see that some of the hair is escaping the rollers - this is entirely down to my laziness rather than the product.  I was going for a relatively easy going, loosely curly, effortlessly glam look - so I didn't really worry that my hair wouldn't end up looking particularly even or polished.  It took me around twenty minutes to roll all my hair - and I have to report that those rollers are hot when they come out of the case.  I took a single roller out, left it on the floor for thirty seconds, and then quickly rolled my hair into it - unlike other rollers I've tried in the past, the edges are not particularly cool.

After removing the rollers, and shaking out the curls with my fingers, I was left with hair that was full, shiny, and glamourously curly at the ends.  Absolutely lovely.  After spraying with hairspray, I found that the effects lasted for the rest of the evening with ease - and the next day I still had some volume and loose curls at the ends.  This is an improvement - my other rollers give results that last only a few hours before dropping, even with hairspray, and I suspect that the difference is the heated grips in the Enrapture product - they really seem to help set the style into the hair.

Overall, these are my new favourite hair tool - for twenty minutes effort, I ended up with very glamourous hair which gathered a fair few compliments at the party I attended!  I'll definitely be using these as often as I can.  Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers cost £74.99 and are available from, Selfridges, Argos and a wide variety of other retailers, both online and in-store.  Compared to my Babyliss set, which cost around £35, these are indeed very expensive - but the clever heated clamps, quick heating action and good selection of sizes make them a viable alternative if you're looking for a way to get glamourous volume and curl on style-resistant hair.  What do you think?  Too expensive or worth it for that bounce?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think I will add them to my Christmas list :)

    Your hair looks lovely! xo

  2. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! Love the curls and so glossy too.

  3. These do look really great. The photos make me crave longer hair. I really love your hair colour. I used a permanent Loreal Mousse one about a moneh ago and would like a pure, intense red or deep scarlett like you have. There's not much red left in my hair already. If you have some time, I'd really love to know what brand the salon or you used?

  4. It looks fab (and so does your hair colour!) and I *would* ask for them for one of my Xmas presents if they weren't so dear....but they do seem worth the money. I'm torn!

  5. Thanks ladies! They are spendy, but I think the unique heated clamp and grippy texture makes them worth the extra outlay over a more simple set. They also have a pretty lengthy guarantee :)

    Lauren - my hairdresser does my hair with L'Oreal Magicontrast 6.66 and sometimes adds a dash of red concentrate. My hair naturally quite light, which is why I get such an intense colour. I also top it up with Manic Panic or Directions vegetable colours between permanent colour sessions. I get asked this question a lot... I might well do a post on it!

  6. Oooo you have gorgeous hair,what a beautiful colour!

  7. Absolutely love your hair and colour! I just purchased these rollers yesterday as I want to achieve the "retro look" 40's/50's hair style similar to yours. Thanks for the review!


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