Friday, 21 October 2011

Review and swatches - Nars eyeshadow in Outremer

You may have seen the campaign image for the latest Nars collection, featuring model Mariacarla Boscono wearing a vivid matte royal blue eye look. That blue is the single eyeshadow Outremer, a key part of the Fall 2011 collection. The blue does wonderful things for her brown eyes, so I wanted to show that it's also an excellent complement for green eyes, as well as giving a general review.

The shadow itself is presented in standard Nars rubberised packaging with a mirror set into the lid of the compact. I have only ever owned duos and palettes from Nars, and I found the single eyeshadow compact very small and cute by comparison. However it's a very respectable 2.2g in weight, making it good value for £16.50. (To compare, a MAC single eyeshadow is 1.5g and costs £11.50, so gramme for gramme they're about the same value.)

The colour is a glorious, true royal blue - very pure, with a perfect balance that sits exactly in the middle of the blue spectrum - neither indigo, teal nor purple.

Typically for Nars, it's very finely milled and smooth. The pigment is good, but I found it slightly tricky to get it to adhere to the skin - it's a very dry texture and will require a primer to get real true-to-pan payoff. I found that trying to blend it with a brush just lifted the colour off the skin again. It's fine for a lighter wash without a base, however - it's only a consideration when trying to get a solid, opaque blue.These swatches show the shadow applied over a base (left) and dry (right). The colour was packed on rather than swiped.

Finally here is the effect on my eyes, which are greenish-grey. You can see that it really offsets the green and goldish flecks in the irises, and also pulls out the slight blue colouration too.

And a full-face image...

Single eyeshadow in Outremer, £16.50 for2.2g, available from Nars online

Disclosure - PR sample


  1. That is a gorgeous shade of blue.

  2. I agree that's a fantastic colour. It's a shame blues look rubbish on me!

  3. Apart from neutrals, my favourite eyeshadow shades have always been blue. Normally, I'd tell myself off for wanting to spend £16 on a single eyeshadow but my oh my this is such a deep and intense blue. Love it!

  4. I have the same colour green eyes and I never ever thought I could wear blue eyeshadow or eyeliner - so thanks for doing this review I really appreciate it!


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