Saturday, 15 October 2011

NOTD: Nicole by OPI in Let's Get Star-ted

Do excuse my cuticles, they're going through a dry patch!  
Whilst wandering through Westfield (the original West London variety) last week, I happened across a shop called Colourcopia.  It stocks a huge number of OPI shades - both the normal OPI range we know and love, and the Nicole range too.  I'd heard great things about the Nicole line - particularly about some of the more interesting glitters - but they've been hard to track down in the UK.  No more, if you're near Westfield!

I had to pick up Let's Get Star-ted, a clear base with multicoloured glitter and purple/pink/silver/holo stars.  Applied over a black base, it looks incredibly pretty - two coats gives you relatively sparse glitter, so this is an ideal polish if you're looking for just a smattering of sparkle, rather than opaque glitter.  The base polish is relatively thick, so I'm not sure how this'd layer up past two or three coats.  The stars, unfortunately, are bloody difficult to get hold of on the brush - they're determined to remain suspended in the middle of the bottle, and I had to swirl and twirl the brush around inside several times to pick up a single star.  So, if you're looking to reproduce the above look, make sure you have plenty of time to chase those pesky stars around the bottle.

I paid £8 for my bottle of Let's Get Star-ted - and I'm pretty pleased with the results, even if they do take a fair bit of effort to achieve! If you live near to Westfield, you'll find the whole Nicole by OPI range at Colourcopia, along with shades from the main line.  If not, eBay is your best bet (either that, or a bit of begging from a London based friend!).


  1. Definitely worth the extra time getting the little stars out. This looks so pretty! *Decides to pop to Westfields before lectures next week*. :D

  2. Wow! Is Colourcopia a new store? I don't remember seeing it when I went make-up hunting there earlier this year.

  3. Yep, Julianne, I think it's a new store - I don't go to Westfield all the time, but it definitely wasn't there when I went a couple of months ago. Well worth a visit!


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