Friday, 9 September 2011

Review: Une Intuitive Touch BB Cream Foundation

Does this look like a BB cream to you?  If you're familiar with the Asian wonder products, you might be aware that they a) typically come in a tube b) typically contain skincare ingredients and c) typically contain whitening ingredients and sunblock.  This Une foundation doesn't really tick any of the BB cream boxes for me - it's a cream to powder compact foundation, with no SPF, and whilst it does claim to boost radiance, it doesn't really claim any skincare benefits.  Bandwagon?  Perhaps.

Anyway, aside from the lack of BB cream attributes, this really is a lovely foundation.  The brush is admittedly tiny, and I'd be afraid to do my entire face with it if I were pressed for time, but it certainly holds up for using the product as more of a concealer - the firm bristles and small, tapered head make it perfectly shaped for applying the foundation to undereye circles.  As an all over base, I've been applying it predominantly with my fingers - a couple of sweeps across the surface of the compact melts the product enough to dab and blend over the skin.

It is quite dry in texture, making a fairly emollient moisturiser or primer an essential to ensure that you can blend without dragging.  The finish isn't matte, nor is it overly shiny or dewy, leaving the skin looking natural and glowy.  It also lasts particularly well - the following picture was taken after about fifteen hours wear.  My forehead is a little shiny, but largely, my skin still looks smooth with natural light coverage.

All in all, despite not being particularly convinced by the BB cream moniker, I'm pleasantly surprised with this foundation.  It's portable, gives a clean, natural finish, and lasts well - and the inclusion of the little brush for applying as a concealer makes this a real multi-tasker, too.  At just £12.99, I'd definitely repurchase.

If you'd like to try Une's Intuitive Touch BB Cream Foundation, you'll find it in Boots and Superdrug stores from the end of September.  What do you think?  Like the look of this?  Tried Une products before?  Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: PR sample

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