Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Review: Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes Collection

I love a bit of Laura Geller, me.  When I received a card from QVC a while back, letting me know that the Vanilla Nudes collection was an upcoming Today's Special Value, and that said Vanilla Nudes collection would include Balance and Brighten foundation in Porcelain, I had to get it.  I even ordered it at five past midnight, five minutes after it went on sale.  I promise I just happened to be up.  Ahem.

Anyway.  The Vanilla Nudes collection contains a Balance and Brighten foundation, a Baked Cheek Dreams blush/highlight, Eye Rimz shadow, At Long Last mascara, and an Italian Swirl lipstick.  A veritable look in a box.  I chose the Porcelain variation, which bagged me the newest, palest Balance and Brighten shade yet - and despite looking scarily pink in the pan, I find it a much better match for my pale, cool toned skin than the previous lightest shade, Fair.

The Baked Cheek Dreams compact contains a creamy champagne highlighter, pink blush, and tawny bronzer shade.  Swirled together, you get a shade which is slightly more pink toned than a bronzer, but by no means pink.  In fact, it makes a rather excellent neutral blush shade, which gives contour and definition to the face without being too obvious.  I do wish that the pink stripe were bigger, though - it's impossible to use on its own.

The Eye Rimz is a split pan eyeshadow/powder liner affair, with the eyeshadow half being a warm, slightly yellowy neutral.  I love the reddish glitter in the powder liner - it's not massively noticeable on the eye, though.  Both shades are reasonably sheer and soft applied dry, and can be beefed up by applying wet.

The whole kit, applied.  Everything apart from my brow pencil is from the Vanilla Nudes collection.  The foundation gives a lovely glowy finish, and the blush provides subtle definition and warmth.  I particularly like the Eye Rimz eyeshadow/powder liner, for giving a softly defined, easy to apply look.

Unfortunately, I absolutely hate the mascara and the lipstick.  The mascara provides only a little length, and little by way of volume, and has such a wet, gloopy formula that I constantly fought against clumps whilst applying.  Leaving it alone for a couple of weeks after opening improved it somewhat, but it still proved to be difficult to apply.  On the upside, it is very glossy, and the gloopy formula pretty much guarantees a tightlined look.  The lipstick, whilst soft, sheer and comfortable on the lips, is way, WAY too yellow for me, and does very little for my colouring.

All in all, I've got mixed feelings about this collection.  Vanilla Nudes puts me in the mind of universally appealling, no effort nudes which match any complexion.  Unfortunately, I think the whole collection leans a little bit yellow for me - both the eyeshadow and the lipstick could do with being a bit more, well, neutral.  I'm extremely happy with the Porcelain Balance and Brighten foundation - it's become my go-to quick morning skin base - but at £42 for the set, only getting one product I absolutely love is a bit of a disappointment.

Laura Geller's Vanilla Nudes collection is available exclusively at QVC, where it will cost you £42.  I wouldn't repurchase this set, but will repurchase the Porcelain Balance and Brighten foundation.  What do you think?  Bought this set?  Tried Laura Geller before?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. Ahhhh I want that blush! I'm a sucker for any baked face products, and that blush compact has such a beautiful selection of shades. It kinda reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream too, which helps ;]

  2. Eye Rimz - it looks black in the container and all colors are so soft

  3. Hi I purchased this as my first foray into Laura Geller, and being a ghostly pale colour I was particularly looking forward to the balance and brighten in porcelain. Sadly mine was predominantly pink swirls with very little neutral, I could easily have worn it as a blush. The blush and lipstick were too yellow toned, but I loved the eye rims. Sadly couldn't justify keeping it for the eyeshadow alone, so I returned mine. I found the mascara worked best using a disposable spoolie and wiping most of it off before use - it clung to my lashes like superglue and needed a double oil cleance to get it off at the end of the day!


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