Thursday, 8 September 2011

NOTD - Andrea Fulerton Trio in Julian J Smith

Who is Julian J Smith? What does he have to do with nail polish?

The fact that I'm asking myself these questions stems from the fact that I'm very much a beauty rather than a fashion blogger. Julian J Smith is a fashion designer, and I guess he must be a friend of Andrea Fulerton's, because she's named her newest Trio polish after him.

Julian J Smith (the polish) is another winning combination with rich, opaque-in-one-stroke silver at one end and sparkly translucent chartreuse at the other. I'm saying sparkly rather than glittery, because the particles are very very fine, though there are a lot of them.

If I were naming this shade, I think I'd call it Lime Soda, because of how the shimmering hint of green interplays with the cool silver.

Like all the Andrea Fulerton polishes I've tried, this is very high quality. It has lasted around 5 days on my nails without chipping or wearing. I think it would look incredible on tanned or dark skin.

Andrea Fulerton's range is available in Superdrug. The Trio polishes cost £7.99 for 2 x 4.4ml


  1. Great posts, love your blog. Am a massive skin care and make up junkie.

    Totally off the subject, and apologies if not the approriate place for my query, but desperate to know: have you managed to get hold of any Sisley 'skinleya? If so, what do you think, and are the shades accommodating to asian skin tones?


  2. Ooh it's lovely! I really love these trios, it's such a good idea. The chartreusey top coat looks really unique.


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