Wednesday, 28 September 2011

NOTD: 17 Magnetised Nail Polish in Teal

Following on from Sarah's sneak preview earlier this week, here we have Boots 17's magnetic polish in all it's glory.  Magnetic polish is the best thing since, well, crackle finish.  This isn't actually a new trend - L'Oreal and Lancome offered magnetic polishes way back in the distant past, and then for some reason they disappeared. Now, joyously, they are back.  17 are leading the pack with a budget version which, at just £5.99, creates an interesting, multi dimensional stripe effect which even a clumsy moo like me can manage.

Staggeringly, the above photo shows a single coat of the Teal shade applied and magnetised (which, by the way, is the correct spelling - this being a British product and all).  The polish has to be applied thickly, and the magnet in the cap held above the wet polish more or less immediately - so application is on a finger-by-finger basis.  I'm impressed that a single coat gives such decent opacity, and even without the magnetic effect, this colour is rather gorgeous.  It doesn't layer well - so if you mess up a nail, best to remove the polish all together and try again, or the magnet effect will grow less clear for each coat.  

I really like that the magnet on the cap is separate to the top of the brush you use to apply the polish - much more maneuverable.  The little lip is a great idea - rest it gently just above the cuticle, and most nails get the full effect of the magnet (although if you're me, you might accidentally touch the magnet to your polish a few times until you get the hang of it).  I do wish it were a little wider, though - my thumb nails are quite wide, and have to move the magnet quickly around the nail surface to get the effect across the entire area.  

Either way - magnetic polishes look certain to be a bit hit for autumn.  You'll find this one, along with its Lilac, Gunmetal, and Blue cousins, at Boots, where it will cost a very reasonable £5.99.  What do you think?  Love the look, or over it already?  Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. Oooh this looks supercool, I wanted an LCN one but this is much easier can just grab in boots x

  2. I have a Nails Inc. magnetic polish and it looks identical to this - the exact same bottle and everything.

    A quick Google has shown that two other brands (Filthy Gorgeous and Fashionista) are releasing the same product too, at £12 and £6 respectively.

  3. I wanted the gunmetal one but these must be selling quick as all that was left was one teal and three blues. I bought the teal and even though I still want gunmetal, I don't regret it. It is a bit fiddly but the finish is so pretty and unusual. The packaging is great too. Definitely getting more of these : )


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