Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tom Ford's new makeup line - first thoughts and swatches

We were invited down to an opulent Park Lane hotel last week to take a gander at the new cosmetic line from Tom Ford. Following the rave reception of his Private Blend lip colours, Mr Ford has pushed the boat out with a complete new cosmetic line featuring over 100 products, including skincare, eyeshadow, mascara, base, powder, eyeliner, blush and generally everything you could need to create a perfectly made-up face.

The following snaps were taken on the night, after dark and under artificial lighting so they're not the best we've ever taken, but hopefully they'll give an idea of the delights Tom has in store for the UK's discerning cosmetic-o-phile.

Skincare - here you can see eye makeup remover, cleanser, moisturiser, serum, eye cream etc. We didn't get a chance to sniff or swatch these, but can report that the packaging looks both practical and high quality.

Bases ahoy - here are 9 shades of Traceless Foundation (with a matching stick version for each shade). To the right are a highlighter, and a highlight/contouring kit with 2 cream pans in one mirrored compact. The tubes at the front are mascara.

Face powder compacts - each with TF's initials embossed onto the powder cake and with a high-quality miniature brush for application.

Blushes - 6 high-pigmented shades. We especially liked the cool bright pink on the far right. In the foreground you can see a clear gloss and the beginning of the row of lipsticks. Behind, there's a selection of eyeliners and a cream liner in a round pot.

The lipsticks - these are going to replace the white casing versions on sale at the moment. The colour choices will be slightly different too. Some shades, like Cherry Lush, will be preserved from the white editions, while some (like Moroccan Rouge) will be lost. There are also plenty of new shades in the new black casings, including a generous selection of nudes.

Eyeshadows. Tom has really gone to town on these quads, which feature a range of matte, glittery and shimmering shades that run the gamut from cool to warm to bright to neutral, all highly pigmented and velvet-soft. These were an instant focal point for us. We managed to swatch a few too -

 Titanium Smoke

Crushed Amethyst 

 Cobalt Rush

Sahara Haze

Silvered Topaz

Finally, there are 2 new additions to the sublime Private Blend fragrance family - Santal Blush, a spicy oriental with a base of skin-scented musk, and Jasmine Rouge, an all-out sensuous white floral packing plenty of jasmine and tuberose. If Santa is reading, Santal Blush is very high on my Christmas list indeed.

Tom Ford Beauty will be available on selected Tom Ford counters from September 3rd, and will hit all counters nationwide from October 3rd. Start saving now - the range is pricey, with blushes coming in at around £40, foundations £60 and those divine eye quads £62. Later on in the autumn there will also be nail lacquers added to the collection.

Will you be indulging?


  1. I love the swatches of the eyeshadows all these silvery hues are fabulous and gleamy. Thankyou for this.

  2. I've got my eye on 'em blushes and lippies! Then again the prices are way over my budget =(

  3. oh dear, if I had any money I would spend it all on this so it's probably a good thing i'm broke! those eye-shadows are definitely favesies. x


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